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NFL settles 2011 Super Bowl injury suit

March, 18, 2014
Mar 18
DALLAS -- The NFL says it has settled a lawsuit with a worker injured by ice and snow that fell from the roof of the Dallas Cowboys' stadium during the week before the 2011 Super Bowl.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy on Tuesday confirmed the settlement but declined to provide the terms. Other parties also were named in the lawsuit filed by Severin Sampson, including the Cowboys.

Sampson contends he suffered a skull fracture and has continuing medical problems. He accused the NFL, the Cowboys and the stadium architects of failing to account for falling ice and snow from the roof.

Meanwhile, a Dallas County jury exonerated the only remaining defendant, the HKS architecture firm, of liability Tuesday after eight hours of deliberation over two days.

Sampson sought $7.2 million in total damages.
New York Giants co-owner, John Mara said Sunday he would like the New York/New Jersey region to host another Super Bowl.

Outside of overcrowded lines at a New Jersey subway station where several fans collapsed due to the crowded conditions, concerns leading up to the game about the weather, Seattle's blowout victory against Denver and pretty much everything else, it went well.


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The next available year for a city to host the big game is 2019.

But should the Dallas/Fort Worth area try to get in the mix again? The NFL decides which cities can bid for Super Bowls and the Dallas/Fort Worth area hasn't been given indications it should.

Glendale, Ariz., will host the Super Bowl next year with Santa Clara, Calif., and Houston getting the games after that. As far as 2018, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Minnesota are bidding for that year.

AT&T Stadium, then called Cowboys Stadium, hosted Super Bowl XLV between Pittsburgh and Green Bay. The Dallas/Fort Worth area was hit by a historic ice storm as Super Bowl week started and a snow blizzard two days before the game.

On game day it was sunny skies, but there was a seating problem in which more than 1,000 temporary seats weren't completed on time for the game. Several fans were forced to watch the game from standing room only areas or were seated elsewhere.

The Super Bowl in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was considered a financial success. According to the Dallas Morning News, spending from the Super Bowl reached between $200 and $250 million according to estimates by Planalytics, a business weather intelligence firm in Pennsylvania.

Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers also noted direct spending could push it to $200 million.

Knowing the financial success it generated and how Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a close relationship with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, it might be time for Dallas/Fort Worth to get in the mix again.

What hurt Dallas/Fort Worth were the weather problems and how poorly the state officials handled the icy roads. The stadium seating, which led to a lawsuit, didn't make the league or the Cowboys look good regardless of who made mistakes surrounding it.

The apparent success of Sunday's game in an outside stadium on the East Coast will prompt other NFL owners to lobby for their cities, such as Philadelphia and maybe Landover, Md., to host the game.

AT&T Stadium is one of the best venues in the league if not all of sports in North America and it should be given another chance.

When is the big question.
Let's be honest, the historic winter storms that hit North Texas for Super Bowl XLV didn't leave a good impression with people that visited the area in 2011 for the Green Bay Packers-Pittsburgh Steelers contest.

On the day of the game at Cowboys Stadium, the weather was beautiful -- clear skies, not a storm cloud in the sky -- but the seating fiasco caused embarrassment and brought on a lawsuit. It raised serious questions about North Texas' chances at hosting another Super Bowl, much less Super Bowl L. Of course, North Texas can because XLV was deemed a financial success.

Fast forward to what's happening in Miami.

The Florida Speaker of the House blocked a bill giving the citizens of Miami-Dade County the ability to vote on public funding of upgrades to Sun Life Stadium.

It appears doubtful that Miami is going to be awarded one of the two upcoming Super Bowls -- L and LI -- that don't yet have a site.

Where does this leave North Texas?

Miami was poised to submit a bid for one of these two title games, but it appears Santa Clara, Calif., and Houston, are in position to get Super Bowl L and LI. With Miami having funding troubles for upgrades, maybe North Texas moves ahead of Miami for future games.

Cowboys Stadium is hosting the Final Four, college football's national title game and other major events. The seating issue seems forgotten, and maybe North Texas is back in play as a major player in hosting Super Bowls.

NFL owners will vote on May 21 on who gets Super Bowl L and LI, and North Texas isn't in the mix right now. But future NFL title games will have to seriously consider North Texas, especially with Miami having issues.

The Boys: Felix Jones, Super Bowl potential

October, 17, 2012

Calvin Watkins and Tim MacMahon get the scoop on Felix Jones' return to the starting lineup and discuss the Cowboys' Super Bowl potential.
A federal judge dismissed claims against the Dallas Cowboys in a lawsuit related to the Super Bowl XLV seating problems, The Dallas Morning News reported.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn ruled that parts of the litigation can continue against the NFL.

The class action suit was filed by fans affected by the problems with temporary seating at the 2011 game at Cowboys Stadium. More than 1,000 fans were affected by the issue, including about 475 who got no seat at all.

Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels declined to comment when contacted by the newspaper, referring all questions to the NFL.

"The court's ruling threw out all claims brought on behalf of those fans who were eligible for the NFL's voluntary reimbursement offers except for a breach of contract claim," a statement the NFL released to the newspaper read. "We continue to believe that the offers made to these ticketholders meet or exceed what they could be entitled to under the law. In fact, the vast majority of these fans accepted the NFL's offers long ago."

Read the full story here.

Ask Herm: How can Cowboys win Super Bowl?

April, 10, 2012

ESPN's Herm Edwards answers the question: What will it take for the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?
At a Monday night event honoring the 1971 Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys, quarterback Roger Staubach said he believes North Texas will get another Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium.

Staubach was the chairman for the Super Bowl XLV Host committee which helped bring the NFL title game to North Texas. An ice storm along with a seating fiasco the day of the game became some of the main story lines.

Staubach doesn't think the severe ice storm, which nearly paralyzed numerous cities in North Texas, or the seating problems, which prompted a lawsuit from fans against the NFL, will hurt North Texas in the future.

"I think we'll definitely get another one here," Staubach said. "I don't know when. The NFL is more involved now in telling the cities when they can get in. I'm not sure. The process has changed a little bit, but we'll get another one here. It turned out to be a great venue. We had a little bad luck there with the seats [but] that wasn't the host committee's [fault]."

Super Bowl XLVI will be held in Indianapolis, Super Bowl XLVII will go to New Orleans and XLVIII will head to New York in 2014. After that, it's up in the air and prospective cities have yet to bid on future games after 2014.

There was a thought North Texas would get Super Bowl 50, but the weather and seating problems might have cost the area.

"50. I think they were going to save for LA," Staubach said. "But I don't know what's going to happen out there [for] 50 I don't know when they're going to bid on 50. I think we'll get one between 50 and 53 or somewhere. We'll be in there if I had to guess."

Cowboys mailbag: No to Romo, Witten trade

December, 24, 2010
IRVING, Texas -- For the first time, I open up the mailbag with five questions. Here we go:

Q. Your article on how the Cowboys should have called in some "project" to play quarterback after the [Tony] Romo injury is odd to me. Jason Garrett is trying to keep his job as a head coach and you want him to call in an unknown quarterback to help him do it? I don't get it. Anybody in Garrett's position would play Kitna too. And as a Cowboys fan, that's exactly what I want him to do. Give himself the best chance to succeed, not just throw in the towel. I see your point about building for the future, but in a year where the team had Super Bowl expectations, Jerry Jones isn't pulling the plug and giving up no matter what. -- Ryan, Acworth, Ga.

I never said they should play the project quarterback. I don’t think they should play Stephen McGee. What I wrote was that they missed the chance to look for another quarterback by keeping Romo on the active roster too long. They could have had a guy in here to help in practice, see if he has something for the future. You can play to win the game, in my best Herm Edwards imitation, but you can also have an eye on the future in terms of developing players in practice. I think they missed a chance there to look down the road.

Q. Why don't the Cowboys do a blockbuster Herschel Walker deal. This is going to be a rich player draft and if you make [Jason] Garrett head coach, you know he can make that offense click no matter the QB … The untouchable players on that defense are [DeMarcus] Ware, [Orlando] Scandrick, [Sean] Lee and [Jay] Ratliff. Saying all that, can you consider trading Tony Romo and Jason Witten in a blockbuster package deal with any team in the league? -- Chris, Fort Worth, Texas

This is certainly outside-the-box thinking. I can’t see it happening. Romo is the present and future quarterback of this team, and Witten is one of the best tight ends in the NFL. They are part of the solution, not the problem here. You need a quarterback to win, and you would take some steps back for a year or two if you go with a rookie. You don’t have a replacement for Witten. There are few tight ends in the NFL that can do what he can do, and I think he’ll be a Cowboy for as long as he wants to be.

Q. Jason Garrett has done pretty well, but I am wondering why no one mentions his clock management. He bungled this again on Sunday at the end of the first half when they were using a huddle INSIDE of the 2-minute mark. In the end, [David] Buehler bailed him out with a long field goal, but they constantly waste time in the 2-minute drill since Garrett took over. Happened in the Giants game, too, and I think the Indy game. No one is talking about it. -- Brian Carwana, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

I think it’s been OK. Not great, but OK. He has had some head scratchers, but I do like how he manages the game overall as a head coach. Every coach seems to struggle with clock management, especially Andy Reid. Garrett takes into account a lot of circumstances. He’ll take a chance when necessary, but he will play more conservatively. Maybe he is a little gun shy from what happened at Washington in the opener. The more experience Garrett gets, the better I think he will be.

Q. Do you think Tony Romo is the right fit for this team because I don’t. Will you please explain how Jon Kitna is able to show more drive and better leader skills than Romo. Heck, the team plays harder for an old backup QB who's well past his prime than they do for Romo. And is it me or is Romo not a down the field quarterback? -- Ben, Dallas

Romo is the right fit for this team, sorry to disagree with you, Ben. Romo was 38-17 before this season as a starter, so I don’t know how you can say the team plays harder for Kitna than it does Romo. And the leadership thing, to me, is such a non-topic. Romo has improved as a leader over the years. He has taken guys to task more and he has done a better job of taking himself to task. As far as the downfield passing game, you must be seeing a different game than me. Kitna has not taken as many shots down the field in recent weeks. Romo has a career yard per attempt average of close to 8 yards, which ranks up there with the top quarterbacks.

Q. Me and most of my Dallas fans friends think that Igor Olshanky hasn't lived up to his potential, but yet several weeks ago, he called out the offense. Was this the pot calling the kettle black? What do you think? Should he be let go next year in favor of younger talent? -- Jym Concha, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Olshansky was better last year than he has been this year, but I don’t think you let him go. You have to look at the rest of the roster. Marcus Spears, Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher will be free agents after the season. The Cowboys cannot afford to cut a defensive end until they have some players fill out the position. Olshansky will have to rebound in 2011, like a lot of defensive players in 2011.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is in his office at Valley Ranch, working on some things, while the NFL owners vote for who will host Super Bowl XLVIII at the Omni Hotel Las Colinas.

Stephen Jones, the team executive and Charlotte Anderson, Jerry's daughter, who is another executive, are representing the Cowboys during the meeting.

South Florida, Tampa Bay and New York/New Jersey are in the running for Super Bowl XLVII in 2014.

Jones, Romo, Staubach, Smith sing here

March, 10, 2010

Singing? Well, if you want to call it that. Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, plus Tony Romo, Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith join other area athletes and personalities in this clip that is making the rounds on the web.

The North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee put this together from Faith Hill's hit "This Kiss." It was played before her concert at Bass Hall in Fort Worth last month. Check it out.

Pro Bowl heads back to Honolulu

March, 2, 2010
It's not a surprise, but the Pro Bowl is headed back to Honolulu, Hawaii, the league announced today. The game will be played Jan. 30, a week before Super Bowl XLV is played at Cowboys Stadium.

It was interesting to note in the NFL release it said, "Decision follows success of 2010 game before Super Bowl."

That's funny but there were numerous complaints from players, fans, media and even organizations such as the Colts, upset or concerned about having the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl, the selection of the players and forcing the Pro Bowlers from the Super Bowl participants to arrive in Miami to get honored before the game.

This season, which could be the NFL's last due to a lockout, the Super Bowl is played on Feb. 6, 2011.

Might this 2010 season be the last Pro Bowl and Super Bowl we see for a while?

Stover dreams of kicking for Cowboys

February, 2, 2010
MIAMI -- Colts kicker and Lake Highlands High School graduate Matt Stover is a free agent after the Super Bowl.

Stover, 42, has been with four NFL teams, getting Super Bowl rings with the Giants and Ravens, so he might get one with the Colts should they win over the Saints on Sunday.

Yet, Stover has always wondered why he hasn't kicked for his hometown Cowboys.

"I've tried to kick for the Cowboys but that hadn't worked out," Stover said at Media Day on Tuesday. "Bill Parcells, when he was there, he drafted me [in New York] tried to get me, but I was still under contract with the Ravens, but that is all in humor and in fun."

Stover, a 20-year veteran who has made 83.7 percent of his field goals during his career could be a solution to the Cowboys kicking woes. Nick Folk was released late in the season after missing a NFL high 10 kicks. Shaun Suisham was signed to replace Folk, but his two misses in the playoff loss to the Vikings could signal his departure from the team.

That could leave Stover, who is on the backside of his career, to finish up with the team he grew up watching.

"I haven't thought about it," Stover said regarding retirement. "One of my dreams is to play for the Dallas Cowboys. I was a Punt, Pass and Kick champion [in 1979] and I was a Dallas Cowboy in the YMCA. It was always a dream of mine [to play for them]."

Fans can get Super Bowl tickets for 2011

February, 2, 2010
MIAMI -- Fans will have a chance to purchase tickets for next season's Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium through a lottery.

Fans can send a letter to be entered into a lottery through June 1. The NFL will pick 500 to 1,000 names from the list. Those chosen can purchase a pair of Super Bowl tickets at Cowboys Stadium at face value.

For more information, write: Super Bowl Random Drawing, P.O. Box 49140, Strongville, Ohio 44149-0140. The letter must be certified or sent by registered mail.

Roy Williams: 'Boys can win Super Bowl

November, 23, 2009
Roy Williams made zero catches and at least one bold statement Sunday.

"This football team is good enough to win the Super Bowl," he told reporters in the locker room after the Dallas Cowboys' 7-6 win over the 3-7 Washington Redskins.

Forget for a moment the debate about whether Williams' statement is true. Consider the source. Williams, a major disappointment since arriving in a blockbuster trade from Detroit, has never played in a playoff game. He might want to wait until that happens before discussing his team's Super Bowl qualifications.