Dallas Cowboys: Todd Haley

A look at Cowboys' last two coach searches

January, 9, 2014
IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys are not in a search for a head coach. Jason Garrett will be back for his fourth full season in 2014.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Lovie Smith) and Houston Texans (Bill O’Brien) have landed their guys. The Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings are still in the search process.

And they have been elaborate.

The Redskins’ list has 11 names, including Cowboys special teams coach Rich Bisaccia. Bisaccia’s name has turned up in the Titans’ chase too. A lot of the searches have the same names with guys like Jay Gruden, Mike Zimmer, Ken Whisenhunt, Todd Bowles, Jim Caldwell, Dan Quinn and James Franklin.

In 2007, Jerry Jones cast a wide net to find Bill Parcells’ successor.

He interviewed 10 coaches, including three from Parcells’ staff -- Tony Sparano, Todd Haley and Todd Bowles -- and a former assistant in Gary Gibbs. Unlike the Redskins, he did not interview any assistant from NFC East teams.

Including Wade Phillips, who was Jones’ pick, and Garrett, who took over for Phillips in the middle of the 2010 season, eight of the 10 interviewees became head coaches: Sparano with the Miami Dolphins, Haley with the Kansas City Chiefs, Norv Turner with the San Diego Chargers, Ron Rivera with the Carolina Panthers, Jim Caldwell with the Indianapolis Colts and Mike Singletary with the San Francisco 49ers.

Only Bowles and Gibbs have not been named head coaches, although Bowles has a chance in Cleveland or Minnesota.

Of the eight the only two not to take their team to the playoffs are Garrett and Singletary.

In 2010, Jones’ search was not as prolific. He liked what Garrett did in taking over for Phillips in finishing 5-3 without Tony Romo, who was out with a broken collarbone. Jones interviewed wide receivers coach Ray Sherman and also brought Bowles back for another look.

The job was always going to be Garrett’s so Jones did not need to put out a lot of feelers.

Jones could be in the head -oach business in 2015 if things do not go well for the Cowboys. The feeling is that the next search will look more like the one in 2007 than 2010.

Current Cowboys had KC view of '09 Austin

September, 12, 2013
IRVING, Texas – As Todd Haley walked to his car outside Arrowhead Stadium on Oct. 11, 2009, he kept saying the same thing.

“I told them all about Miles,” Haley said.

Haley was in his first year as Kansas City’s head coach, with an earlier three-season stint with the Dallas Cowboys, where his tenure overlapped with Austin's.

Austin finished that 2009 contest with 10 catches for 250 yards and two touchdowns, including the 60-yard game-winner in overtime as the Cowboys dropped Haley’s Chiefs to 0-5.

“(Haley) talked about him all week as far as a guy with an incredible motor and a work ethic like none other,” said Brandon Carr, Austin’s current teammate and a starting cornerback for the Chiefs that day. “He came and showed up and validated everything that coach told us that week and put on a good show.”

Carr wasn’t the only current Cowboy on the Chiefs’ roster that day. Brian Waters was Kansas City’s left guard.

“We just had this conversation (Wednesday),” Waters said. “I told him, ‘We didn’t know who you were.’ We were all looking at each other like, ‘Who in the world is 19?’”

Forgive Waters, because he was not in the defensive meetings; now, he said he hopes Austin “has that type of day again. I hope I’m on the right side of that this time.”

Said Carr, “Miles got his name from 2009, that performance. We heard a lot about him going into that week. He showed up and took over the game. That’s those games that kind of spark players' careers, and that was a catalyst for him to get to where he is right now.”

Other Side: Ed Bouchette, Pitt. Post-Gazette

December, 13, 2012
IRVING, Texas – To get up to date with the Pittsburgh Steelers, we talk to Ed Bouchette, the long-time beat writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Todd Archer - What's the state of the mind of this team after the loss to San Diego?

Ed Bouchette - Don't know because I'm no psychologist. Brett Keisel did say after Sunday's loss to San Diego that the team wasn't ready to play and on Tuesday Mike Tomlin agreed with him.

TA - Is Ben Roethlisberger OK and is it just a matter of him getting used to playing again?

EB - He's fine. If Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown had hung onto a few deep passes, he would have had over 300 yards and 4 or 5 TDs instead of 3. He also was a yard from being their leading rusher with 31 yards on 5 scrambles.

TA - How big of a loss is Rashard Mendenhall? He's been hurt. They have other backs. Is he being phased out?

EB - He's been hurt, rehabbing from ACL for the first three games and then after playing in two, hurt his Achilles. As you know, he's suspended for this game because he did not show up for last Sunday after they told him he would be inactive. He's a big loss but only in the sense they could use the Mendenhall of 2009 or 2010.

TA - The defense is still at the top of the league, but it just seems different this year. Am I wrong? Still feared?

EB - They don't sack anyone or create turnovers, and that's been an issue since the start of 2011. They had just 15 turnovers last season and this one they have 12 (although one fumble came on a muffed punt). Injuries to James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley hurt this year and last.

TA - Todd Haley was a Dallas assistant for a few years so we know his, ummm, intensity. How are things going for him as the Steelers OC and how is the relationship with Roethlisberger?

EB - There's been not one hint of trouble and Haley is on the sideline for games. If he did not have that reputation, no one in Pittsburgh would know anything about it based on his behavior and relationships since he's been here.