UT's Barnes watches Frazier help Kimball win

DALLAS -- Dallas Kimball guard Keith Frazier was under enough pressure Tuesday, playing in one of the toughest bi-district pairings against Dallas Hillcrest.

Piling on top of that basic pressure was the fact that University of Texas basketball coach Rick Barnes was sitting at the top of the bleachers scouting Frazier’s play.

In the same way the No. 14 recruit for the class of 2013 nonchalantly handled that pressure in Kimball’s 82-70 bi-district win, he confirmed that Barnes was there to see him.

No big deal.

“I get used to it,” Frazier said. “I played on a big stage in the AAU so I’m used to coaches watching.”

As a junior, Frazier has yet to publicly name any schools on his radar, but he did show interest in Barnes’ program.

“I like UT a lot,” Frazier said. “I appreciate him for coming.”

Frazier transferred to Kimball this season from Irving and leads the Knights in scoring, averaging over 21 points per game.

Here is a breakdown of Frazier’s skill from ESPN Recruiting Nation Basketball:

At this stage Frazier is probably the No. 1 shooting guard in the country for his class. He has all the physical intangibles (length, bounce, and evolving skills) needed for the position and he is a prolific shooter out to 22 feet. With added strength and continued development in the areas of skill and savvy, he should be an elite recruit by the time he enters college.