UIL's spring steroid tests come up clean

The Spring 2010 Anabolic Steroid Testing Report was released by UIL on Thursday with no positive results coming from the 3,308 tests conducted.

From January 2010 to May 2010, 2,092 males and 1,216 females representing 11 sports were tested from 207 Texas schools. The ninth grade class in the Spring of 2010 contained the most total tests with 984 (609 males and 375 females).

Student-athletes participating in multiple sports were the highest tested group, as 682 males and 405 females were tested.

The most individual tests in the male sports came from football with 590 tests, soccer with 209 tests and basketball with 176 tests. The top three individual sports in which females were tested were soccer(166), softball (143) and volleyball (123).