Is there room on the roster for Voskuhl?

If the Mavs went purely by basketball credentials, veteran center Jake Voskuhl would be the 15th man on the roster.

"He's a pro," coach Rick Carlisle said of the 6-11, 255-pound nine-year veteran. "He's been around a long time. He knows who he is. He's good at what he's good at -- he sets screens, he's energetic, he's persistent on defense, he's a good rebounder and he can make the open shot. I like what he's done on camp."

But there probably isn't room on the roster for Voskuhl, who scored four points and grabbed four rebounds in the preseason opener.

The decision on the 15th man is likely to come down to dollars. Voskuhl signed a nonguaranteed contract with the Mavs in hopes of extending his NBA career. Forward Shawne Williams is guaranteed his $2.4 million salary, even though he's persona non grata at American Airlines Center.

The Mavs made the mistake of exercising Williams' option early last year, a decision that is likely to cost owner Mark Cuban $4.8 million after the luxury tax. He was basically booted off the team in the middle of the season and hasn't been allowed to return. The Mavs would like to trade Williams or get him to agree to a buyout instead of having the dead weight on the roster.

At this point, however, it appears that the 15th spot on the roster will be reserved for a player the Mavs don't want instead of a pro.