Beaubois could be better than Harris

The biggest criticism of the Dallas Mavericks dealing Devin Harris for Jason Kidd was that they gave up a young point guard with immense potential for an old guy.

That beef goes away if rookie Rodrigue Beaubois pans out as the Mavs' point guard of the future.

"We knew going into this draft that it was point guard rich," Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said. "The time to strike was now. That being said, we were lucky that Roddy fell to us."

It appears likely that the Mavs made good with their only first-round pick in a three-year span, with the other two going to New Jersey in the eight-player swap headlined by the point guards.

We've gotten glimpses of Beaubois' talent during his stint filling in as the starting shooting guard next to Kidd. The kid is quicker than Harris, has 40-inch hops, a 6-10 wing span and 25-foot range.

Roddy B is raw, but the Mavs believe with some seasoning and soaking up Kidd's wisdom, he can develop into a point guard who make an impact as a driver, shooter, passer and defender. If that happens, folks won't be howling about giving away Harris.