Jet not amused by Donaghy comments

Even the most casual Dallas Mavericks fan remembers how Dwyane Wade wore out the free throw line from Game 3 on during the 2006 NBA Finals, leading the Miami Heat back from an 0-2 hole to win the title in six.

More than three years later, here comes disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy to pour salt on the still-open wound. Fresh off a stint in prision for gambling on games he officiated, Donaghy is promoting his tell-all book and is making the media rounds. On Wednesday, he stopped by Galloway & Co., and offered up some disturbing gems if you're a member of the Mavs organization or a fan who professes NBA conspiracy theories.

Donaghy said, for one, that refs do hold grudges against outspoken owner Mark Cuban and they take it out on his team with the whistle, and, two, the league wants teams down 0-2 to be treated a bit more favorably.

That didn't sit well with Mavericks guard Jason Terry, who admits he's still smarting from the Finals collapse.

"Every day," Terry said when asked how often he still thinks about the series. "And then Donaghy comes out yesterday on ESPN Radio, says some things, so the fire is definitely brewing in our bellies. So, we’ll see what happens when we get done there."

The Mavs play at Miami Friday night, their lone trip to South Beach of the season.

"Getting back in that arena brings up old memories," Terry said, "and I don’t think we’ll ever get that taste out of our mouths until we get a championship here in Dallas."