Carlisle rants about Durant's 'stupid jump-in thing'

DALLAS -- Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle raves about Thunder star Kevin Durant's talent. But one of Durant's tactics caused Carlisle to rant after Dallas' win Friday night.

Durant made 14 of 16 free throws during his 30-point performance in the Thunder's loss, fouling out Shawn Marion in the process. Carlisle contends that several of Durant's free throws were the result of a move that should be outlawed in which he initiates contact with the defender.

"He scored several points on that stupid jump-in thing," Carlisle said. "It’s an unnatural basketball play. It should be disallowed.

"That should be an offensive foul, because it’s totally unnatural. It doesn’t flow with the game at all. It’s completely manufactured.

"It’s like that old kick-out-the-leg play that is now an offensive foul. That’s what that play should be. There’s no question. There’s no place for it in this game."

That "old kick-out-the-leg play" was made famous by ex-Indiana star Reggie Miller. Just a hunch, but Carlisle probably didn't complain about that too much while he worked for the Pacers.