Unofficial over-under for Roddy's minutes: 14

DALLAS -- As Rick Carlisle said Saturday night, Rodrigue Beaubois' playing time is an awfully hot topic around these parts right now.

The media at the AAC tonight even came up with an over-under for Roddy B.'s minutes against the Nuggets. It's set at 14, although I'm not certain any bookies are taking bets.

"We'll see," Rick Carlisle said when asked if that's a good estimate. "It depends on how he's playing. It could be more than that."

Well, that's at least an indication that Beaubois will get to take off his warmups.

Mark Cuban said he'd take the over. Not that he's discussed the issue with Carlisle.

"That'd be a precedent I don't want to set," Cuban said.

Carlisle has a tough situation on his hands. If he's giving Beaubois more burn, at least one established veteran will be sitting more often. But Cuban feels no sympathy for his coach.

"Are you kidding me? What could be better?" Cuban said. "Think of the alternative, like we were last year. It's like, 'I've got this great player I think is going to be a star and gotta find a way to play him' vs. 'God, we suck. I got no one to bring in.' Which would you rather do?

"That's a problem I want him to have."