Terry roots on Roddy B.

DALLAS -- Jason Terry has talked about putting team over ego. He practiced what he preached during the second quarter.

Rookie Roddy Beaubois got an extended stint at shooting guard, minutes that came at Jet's expense. But Terry, who played only 10 minutes in the half, didn't sit on the pine and pout.

Terry was the world's highest-paid cheerleader, waving a towel almost non-stop. He also did a little volunteer coaching, catching Beaubois' attention after a missed 3-pointer and advising the rookie to pump-fake and drive when the defender closes out that aggressively.

Beaubois' first half was a mixed bag: five points, 2-of-6 shooting, three steals, no assists or turnovers.

Terry did get back in for the final few seconds of the half. He either forgot or ditched his protective mask -- the one the doctors want him to wear the rest of the season.

Mavs 55, Nuggets 46 at the break.