Carlisle doesn't pop off after loss

DALLAS -- The losing coach’s press conference wasn’t nearly as entertaining in the second game of the Mavs-Spurs series.

Gregg Popovich created a buzz by calling the “dogs” out after the Spurs’ Game 1 loss. Rick Carlisle certainly didn’t come up with any catchphrases after the Mavs went down in Game 2, 102-88.

Heck, Carlisle never even used either of his favorite words: force and disposition. Chalk that up as a surprise after the Spurs whupped the Mavs on the boards en route to a 23-9 advantage in second-chance points, significant factors that Carlisle calmly mentioned.

“They were more opportunistic,” Carlisle said, not exactly providing headline fodder.

Of course, four championship rings in the last decade give Popovich the right to say pretty much whatever he wants about his team. Carlisle, who has won one series in his Dallas tenure, has to pick his spots much more carefully.