Mavs settling would equal another loss

DALLAS -- In his own unique way, Jason Terry summed up what the Mavs need to do to make this a series with the Spurs.

"The key word in this series is, 'Do not settle,'" Terry said. "If we settle, they’re going to get the best of us. That's every aspect of the game. Every battle of the game, they're kicking our butts in all facets. We've got to come out and really want it tonight."

Jet's math might not add up, but the message makes sense.

The Mavs can't continue to let the Spurs beat them to loose balls. They can't continue to jack up contested jumpers instead of attacking the rack.

If they do, the series won't continue to Game 6.

"You settle tonight," Jet said, "and you'll be settling for that couch at home and watching the rest of the playoffs."