LeBron's elbow doesn't even have teeth in it

Something to ponder as you’re digesting 48 more hours of nationwide obsessing about the state of LeBron James’ elbow and how much it contributed to Tuesday night’s 120-88 home loss to Boston that stunningly shoved the Cleveland Cavaliers to the brink of elimination:

Dirk Nowitzki missed just one game earlier this season with his elbow injury.

Only one game with someone else’s teeth in his elbow.

You’ll recall that Houston’s Carl Landry collided face-first with a driving Nowitzki on Dec. 18, lodging at least five of Landry’s teeth in Dirk’s right elbow.

Although there’s little question that Nowitzki’s shooting was affected for a few weeks after the injury -- he endured a stretch of seven consecutive games with sub-50 percent shooting shortly after scoring 27 points against Portland in his comeback -- he sat out only one game.

The game Nowitzki missed, incidentally, was Dallas’ 102-95 victory over James’ Cavs on Dec. 20.