Carlisle can learn from Doc's decision

Doc Rivers' decision down the stretch of the Celtics' Game 4 win reminded me of the Mavs' season finale.

Rivers rode the hot hands off the bench in the fourth quarter. He made the tough decision to stick with Nate Robinson and Glen Davis, keeping Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett on the bench for most of the fourth quarter.

It certainly paid off for the Celtics, with the self-proclaimed "Shrek and Donkey" combination carrying Boston to the series-evening win.

Rick Carlisle took the other route when presented a similar option in Game 6 in San Antonio. Roddy Beaubois fueled the Mavs' comeback, giving them a shot to beat the Spurs and bring the series back to Dallas. But Roddy B rode the bench for most of the fourth quarter, with ice-cold Jason Terry getting the nod.

Carlisle's choice was based on history, not who had the hot hand. It's likely a decision he wished he could do over.

Rivers got it right last night.