What would Kidd tell Cavs about Scott?

With Tom Izzo returning to Michigan State, former New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets coach Byron Scott appears to be in the lead to take that coveted job -- well, coveted as long as that guy LeBron James sticks around.

As any reputable business would do, the Cleveland Cavaliers are checking references. According to a Yahoo! report on Friday, Cavs executives have called two of Scott's former players, Jason Kidd and Chris Paul.

Paul has a great relationship with Scott, who led that up-and-coming squad to the second round of the playoffs in 2008 before things went south and Scott was out of a job. Scott and Kidd took the Nets to back-to-back NBA finals appearances, but those two aren't particularly fond of one another.

The two had issues and Kidd still gets a chunk of the blame for the Nets firing Scott.

How contentious is their relationship? Hard to say, but suffice to say they don't exchange Christmas cards. Prior to this season's playoffs, I phoned Scott to talk about Kidd playing into his Golden Years, but the former Los Angeles Lakers guard, 2008 NBA Coach of the Year and current ESPN analyst said he preferred to take a pass on the interview.

When Kidd was told about it, he simply shrugged and acknowledged that Christmas cards aren't high on either's priority list.

For LeBron's sake, it sure would be interesting to know what Kidd told the Cavs.