Could Marion come off the bench?

Shawn Marion didn’t rule out accepting a reserve role, but he sure didn’t sound excited about the idea.

Rick Carlisle is considering whether the Mavs would be best with electrifying guard Rodrigue Beaubois in the starting lineup. As the roster is currently constructed, that would mean either Marion or Caron Butler would be asked to come off the bench on a regular basis for the first time in their careers.

The subject hadn’t been broached with Marion until I asked him about the possibility during his Thursday appearance on ESPN 103.3’s Galloway & Company.

“That’s something I’ve got to think about,” Marion said. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to win, but the hardest thing for me is if you’ve always been a starting player your whole career and you haven’t come off the bench, it’s a different adjustment for your body. It’s harder to do that.

“I’m going to tell you like this: I’ve been doing this a long time and I’m not one of those players that can be sitting on the bench. I get stiff over on that bench sitting too long. It’s hard. It’s very hard. It’s an adjustment, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you can do.”