Summer tests Roddy B's toughness

The most memorable moment of the Mavs summer squad's OT win Monday night was Roddy Beaubois' game-winning jumper in the final seconds.

The most important moment might have happened much earlier in the game, when Beaubois ended up grimacing while face down on the floor.

Beaubois tweaked his ankle early in that possession, but not badly enough to prevent him from driving to the basket. After some contact, he landed hard on the hardwood, where he stayed for several seconds.

No athletic trainer or coach rushed to Roddy B's aid, letting him get up and limp to to the bench by himself during the timeout. That's no coincidence.

One of the major concerns the Mavs had about Beaubois when he arrived in Dallas was that he fit the soft Euro stereotype. The coaching staff thinks he toughened up a lot over the last year, but that's an area that still has room for improvement.

Of course, if Beaubois is injured, he'll get the best possible medical care. But if he's banged up? He needs to learn how to play through some pain.

Testing his toughness is among the many ways Roddy B will be challenged this summer.