Beaubois' mounting fouls a concern

LAS VEGAS -- Roddy Beaubois said he has been more cavalier regarding fouls than he would be in the regular season because summer-league affords players 10 personal fouls before they're out.

But, Beaubois has picked fouls up in bunches and it is a concern. In Thursday night's game against John Wall and the Washington Wizards, Beaubois registered four fouls in six minutes and five in nine. Many are unnecessary fouls with him flailing his long arms and drawing contact or putting his hands on players when he doesn't need to.

If Beaubois is going to play 25 or more minutes a game next season, he's going to have to learn how to defend without fouling. So far in summer league, he has 22 fouls in four games, including eight in the team's third game.

"It can always be a concern with him because he loves to reach, he loves to touch and sometimes he gets in a bad habit of doing that, especially if I yell out, 'Press, get up and press,'" Mavs assistant coach Darrell Armstrong said. "He right away thinks that means to reach, that it means to put my arms and my hands on him when it doesn't. Pressure means to turn your man, make him work. That's something he as well is learning. But, he'll learn it."

Armstrong said there's one sure way he'll learn during the season.

"The more you sit your [rear] on the sideline and you're watching when you're supposed to be playing," Armstrong said, "you'll learn how to start defending without touching people and putting forearms and everything on guys."