Tyson Chandler makes most of minutes

After seeing his playing time dwindle in each of the first three games of the FIBA World Championships, all the way down to less than five minutes in Monday's game, Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler lit up the box score Wednesday in just 13 minutes in Team USA's fourth consecutive victory, 88-51, over Iran.

The 7-foot-1 Chandler made all three field-goal attempts for seven points, while grabbing seven rebounds, three on the offensive end and dishing out an assist. His 13 minutes equalled his total time in the previous two games.

Here's Chandler's post-game interview:

On the game:

I think it was a very good game. I think we both came out and played hard and represented our countries well. Iran fought very hard. It was a very good game. I think we showed a lot of respect for each other and I was happy with the outcome.

On the political side of this game:

I think we should leave the politics to the politicians. We are here to play basketball and like I said, we both represented our countries very well and very respectful. We didn’t have any problems out there and we both played hard for our countries.

On Hamed Ehadadi:

I think he’s a great player. He’s a really big body … he has a nice post game. Really, overall, he’s a great player. He floats around the perimeter … he shoots a lot of shots. He does a lot for the team. He definitely keeps you on your toes at all times because he has nice touch as well as a big body and he can finish inside.

On playing different amounts of minutes each night:

On any given night, you never know how the flow of the game is going to go. I think you always have to be ready to play. We have a deep team so any guy can come off the bench and give us a spark … or a starter can play big minutes for us. On our team, we just always have to be ready and whenever our number is called, we have to get out there and do what is expected of us.