PG plans might not include Roddy Beaubois

UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas -- The Mavericks want to cut Jason Kidd’s minutes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that fan favorite Rodrigue Beaubois will run the offense on a regular basis.

Coach Rick Carlisle was noncommittal when asked how Beaubois’ playing time would be balanced between point guard and shooting guard. But Carlisle strongly hinted that Beaubois’ playing time at point guard would be sporadic at best.

“He might not play much 1,” Carlisle said. “We’ll see. He might play a lot. I don’t know.”

Beaubois was supposed to spend the summer working on his leadership skills and court awareness so that he could be counted on to spell Kidd. But Beaubois struggled as a point guard during the Las Vegas Summer League and broke his foot before the French national team started tournament play.

That was at least a speed bump in Beaubois’ development as a point guard.

The Mavs know Beaubois can make an impact as a shooting guard. He did it in bursts as a rookie, displaying dynamic scoring ability and earning an increase role entering his second season. It might be in the best interests of Beaubois and the Mavs to let him focus on his best position during his first season as a regular member of the rotation.

“This kid has only played organized basketball since he was 17,” Carlisle said, “so let’s give him credit for making a lot of progress to this point, but let’s not put the weight of the world on his shoulders like he’s the guy that has to take this team to the next level.”

We’ll do our part by lowering expectations for Roddy B in his second season. We expect him to be spectacular at only one position instead of two.