Mark Cuban dishes in the Big Apple

NEW YORK -- The New York media had one thing on its mind, whether Mark Cuban, who has tried, but failed to acquire the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers, and has had interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers, is intrigued by the New York Mets.

To their collective disappointment, Cuban said his days of pursuing sports franchises is over. However, he didn't shut door completely, saying if he's contacted, he'll listen.

Asked how often he hears from Pittsburghers about rescuing the the woeful Pirates' franchise, Cuban said, "About 100 times a day."

*Cuban gushed about Cowboys Stadium as the Super Bowl inches closer. As far as playing another basketball game at JerryWorld, Cuban said he doesn't see a regular-season game being played there, but that a playoff game at some point is a possibility. Cuban said don't look for one this season, but with some planning it could happen. Cuban also reiterated that he will pursue another NBA All-Star Game.

*Cuban was asked about the CBA which will expire after the seasonn, but he wasn't about to offer any opinions for fear of repurcussion by the league: "I'd rather spend my money in Vegas," Cuban said.

*The Mavs' owner also didn't bite when asked about where the Carmelo Anthony trade talks are headed. The Knicks have long been known as Anthony's preferred destination, and Cuban has acknowledged that he wouldn't need assurances from a superstar-free-agent-to-be that he would sign a contract extension to trade for one.

Cuban did make it clear that he doesn't mind if the Melo Drama, as it's called, takes away from the Denver Nuggets' focus: "Anything that distracts other teams in our conference or in the league, that's a good thing," Cuban said. "I want every other player on every team to revolt, refuse to play when we're in town.