Can't blame schedule if run ends vs. Denver

The Mavs can't use the schedule as an excuse during this trip to Denver.

Sure, it's a dreaded West Coast/Denver back-to-back. The butt end of that ranks among the most brutal road challenges in the NBA. It's tough when you lose an hour in flight -- the Mavs got to their hotel at 2:40 a.m. -- and have to deal with high altitude and heavy legs.

Teams playing in the Pepsi Center the night after a West Coast game have won only twice in the last 32 games. The Mavs contributed to that misery with a 36-point loss -- the franchise's worst since Nov. 2001 -- just before the All-Star break last season. (Not coincidentally, that was the last game Josh Howard played for the Mavs.)

But ....

Denver is dealing with the same travel difficulties. The Nuggets lost to Golden State in Oakland last night, a game that tipped off 30 minutes after the Mavs-Kings contest.

If the Mavs' 10-game winning streak ends tonight, don't blame the schedule.