30 minutes and counting...

DALLAS -- Thirty remain in NBA Trade Deadline 2011 and it appears the Mavericks are going to stand pat, something the players have said is just fine by them.

At 41-16, the Mavs are not in need of obvious help, but would take it at small forward, which is why they've tried to pry Tayshaun Prince from Detroit. Dallas holds Caron Butler's expiring $10.6 million contract, an asset that might go unused and which would allow the injured Butler to make good on his claim that he will be back for the playoffs.

This is a club that appears set on not taking back salary for a variety of reasons, starting with the league's expiring CBA and a new salary structure on the way. If they can't make an even swap for an expirining it looks like it be a quiet remaining half hour.

As the minutes count down, never say never, but it would seem little will be going down at the AAC today.