Roddy B on Hollinger's 2012 watch list

In his latest Insider piece, ESPN.com's John Hollinger takes a look at 10 relatively unknown NBA players who he sees as making a big splash in 2012. On the list is Dallas Mavericks guard Roddy Beaubois.

His breakout was supposed to be 2011, but we all know how that turned out.

Here's what Hollinger says about Roddy B:

"He's back and he's as bouncy as ever, posting back-to-back double-figure games over the weekend, despite playing only 15 minutes in each. The Mavs have even moved him into the starting lineup, something I'd hoped they would have done a year ago.

Still, the backcourt is crowded in Dallas, meaning Beaubois is likely to make a bigger impact next season than this spring, during which his stints are likely to be of the 15- to 20-minute variety. One can't blame the Mavs-- Jason Terry and J.J. Barea are playing great and they can have only so many small guards on the court at once -- but Beaubois is the current Mavs' player most capable of providing a star complement to Dirk Nowitzki a year from now."

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