Clips' Chris Kaman says he's in if Dirk is

Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman and buddy of Dirk Nowitzki made news in 2008 by joining Dirk on the German national team by virtue of his great-grandparents' German heritage.

The two had a blast at the Olympic Games in Beijing and now Kaman says he's ready to join the Dallas Mavericks star again and help the Germans qualify this summer for the 2012 Olympics in London. But, Kaman, who has played just 27 games this season due to injury, said he'll play only if Dirk, who is undecided on the subject, plays.

"If Dirk plays, I will," Kaman told The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. "If he's not playing, then I'm not playing."

Think the German federation won't lean on Dirk just a little harder to suit up this summer for the August-September European Championships in Lithuania? It'll be a lot easier for a young German team to qualify for a second consecutive Olympic berth with a pair of NBA 7-footers leading the way.

Last week, Dirk reiterated his desire to play this summer, particularly, he said, if it appears an expected lockout will eat into the 2011-12 season. Dirk, however, said one scenario could keep him free of international competition this summer (which would be far more palatable to owner Mark Cuban).

"That all depends on how this season plays out,'' Nowitzki said. "If we have a long run to June, I might not [play]."

Kaman, whose season will end in a couple more weeks, will be waiting.