Nate McMillan: 'I'm not going there'

DALLAS -- Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan didn't have much to say about the $35,000 levied by the NBA for his comments about the officiating after Game 1, an 89-81 Dallas Mavericks victory in which the home team was on the right side of a 19-2 free throw discrepancy in the fourth quarter.

"We're moving on to tonight's game," McMillan said. "It's time to stop talking and start doing."

McMillan said he doesn't inform his players on which officials are working each night's game.

"No, because I think the officials, they do a good job," McMillan said. "No, we don't go out and inform our players on who the officials are."

Then McMillan was asked if he was aware of the Mavs' record in playoff games officiated by Danny Crawford, who will lead tonight's crew. He wasn't.

The answer: 2-16.

"So you guys are going to print that and hope that...," McMillan said without finishing his thought. You're trying to...I'm not going there."