Can Corey Brewer help on Brandon Roy?

DALLAS -- The Mavericks certainly bring out the best in Brandon Roy.

He’s scored 16 or more points in five of 28 games since returning from surgeries on both knees. Three of those performances came against the Mavs, including the last two games. Roy's only two 20-point performances have come at Dallas' expense.

Corey Brewer, who was signed by the Mavs in large part because of his defensive prowess, has been a DNP-CD in all three of Roy’s big games against Dallas. He’s taken off his warm-ups only once this series, playing a grand total of four minutes after Shawn Marion got in foul trouble in Game 2.

If the Mavs can’t figure out a way to defend Roy, doesn’t it make sense to give Brewer a chance to make a difference?

“That’s a decision that I make as a coach,” Carlisle said, which explains the whole CD thing after DNP. “We had Marion guarding him the other night. Tonight we’ll have other guys ready. Brewer is a possibility.”

Brewer’s minutes shouldn’t come at Marion’s expense. If the Mavs really want to emphasize defense, they should consider giving Brewer slices of the playing time going to Peja Stojakovic and Jason Terry.

Stojakovic and Terry and players that are targets for the opponents’ offensive schemes. That’s a problem worth dealing with when the veterans are shooting well, as Stojakovic did in Game 2 and Terry did in Game 3. But if they aren’t scoring, there’s no reason those two should combine for 56 minutes while Brewer watches from the bench as Roy beats the Mavericks.