Cuban: 'Anybody who wants to quit on us...'

DALLAS -- Mark Cuban said fans who think his team's Game 4 meltdown is further reason to doubt the Dallas Mavericks can feel free to abandon the bandwagon.

“Anybody who wants to quit on us, quit on us,” Cuban said while working out on the step machine prior to Monday’s Game 5 at American Airlines Center. “We’re going to keep busting our ass. We’re not going to beg them. They can do what they want to do. That’s why they call them fans and that’s why they call everybody else talk radio junkies.”

Cuban went on to say that the majority of fans don't live and die with the results of his basketball team, and the ones who do are the same people who consistently call into sports talk radio shows.

Maybe, maybe not, but Cuban -- whether he admits it or not -- has to know that fans have become naturally skeptical of the Mavs' playoff chances because of their dubious postseason record since the 2006 NBA Finals collapse. Losses such as Game 4 in Portland, when Dallas blew a 23-point lead in the final 13:16 of the game, don't inspire confidence.

Of course, as Cuban also said, this momentum turns right back in the Mavs' favor with a win in Game 5.

"Obviously, we hate losing any game,” Cuban said. “Last I checked it was just one game. They’re a good team. We’re a good team. It’s a seven-game series. That’s why we play all the games.”