Matthews 'won't forget' words with Stevenson

DALLAS –- Five games into a series, there's going to be some bad blood.

Case in point: the postgame confrontation between shooting guards DeShawn Stevenson and Wesley Matthews.

They exchanged unpleasantries and more as they walked toward tunnels on the opposite ends of the American Airlines Center as the buzzer sounded. According to Stevenson, who could be considered the Mavs' enforcer, Matthews started it by mouthing off to Brian Cardinal, who angered Matthews by setting a hard pick on Portland backup guard Patty Mills during garbage time.

"I'm not going to let anybody talk to my teammates like that," said Stevenson, who was pulled away by his teammates after a couple of moments. "I said what I had to say. He walked away. And I walked away."

Matthews, who annoyed the Mavs by imitating Jason Terry's Jet signal during Game 3, said he couldn't repeat what Stevenson had to say.

"I won't forget it," Matthews told The Oregonian. "That's for sure."