Tyson Chandler won't challenge this T

OKLAHOMA CITY – Tyson Chandler has had two technical fouls rescinded in the Western Conference finals. He won’t try for the hat trick.

Chandler got whistled for another technical foul after getting into a physical confrontation with Oklahoma City center Kendrick Perkins midway through the third quarter of the Mavs’ Game 4 win.

“I deserved this T,” Chandler said. “This one is not [getting rescinded]. I mean, not that I deserved it, but this one was a tangle-up and I did hit him. They got this one right.”

It is the fourth technical foul on Chandler’s playoff record, not counting the two that were rescinded. That total is important because a player must serve a one-game suspension after getting seven technical fouls in the postseason.

Chandler said he knows he has to contain his emotions and added that he hopes officials recognize that “that I’m not the initiator in all this.” The fiery big man is well aware of that rule requiring an automatic suspension after seven playoff technicals and vows that it will not be an issue.

“That’s not going to happen,” Chandler said. “I’m not getting another tech throughout the rest of the season. No more techs for me.”