Caron Butler still trying to sell it

MIAMI -- If Game 6 of the NBA Finals were two weeks from now, Caron Butler would be on the active roster and ready to play. Well, that's the salesman in Butler talking.

"I'd definitely be out there for sure," Butler said before Sunday morning's shootaround. "Just searching for clearance. Searching…"

Butler has spent the entire postseason seeking a sympathetic ear as he continues to aggressively rehab from a ruptured patella tendon suffered in January. There have been several false reports during the playoffs that Butler was on the verge of full-contact practice.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle hasn't completely shot down the idea of Butler playing in the Finals, but he has been clear that the nine-year veteran swingman hasn't been cleared to practice.

Butler's chances don't look good with the series going through Tuesday night at the latest if the Miami Heat win Game 6. Butler does suit up in practice gear and is at least a month ahead of his rehab schedule.

"It's fun. I'm dressed up. I'm out here with everybody," Butler said. "I prepare myself the same way watching film, nothing has changed. I just can't step on the court, but I'm still over there screaming to death and excited for my teammates."

He's also done plenty of campaigning with team's medical staff, coaches and anyone else that would listen when it comes to playing.

"I've done everything," Butler said. "I've been a politician in every way trying to sell myself, trying to sell the rehab stuff, everything."

Anyone buying?

"No one is buying," he said with a hearty laugh. "I had a bite. I had a nibble for a minute."