Jason Terry eyes spot in AAC rafters

DALLAS -- Early on in the playoffs, Jason Terry talked about not only wanting to redeem himself for his two previous poor postseaons, but how he wanted to retire with the team and even have his No. 31 retired.

This all came about because Terry will be going into the final year of his contract next season, and he said that it weighed on him that another subpar playoffs for him and the team could land him on the trading block.

Well, after winning the NBA title on Sunday, let's just say that Jet is feeling pretty confident about his standing in Dallas. During the championship rally inside the American Airlines Center Terry took his legacy -- and maybe a few of his friends -- into his own hands.

Standing on the stage erected at midcourt, Terry, with a microphone in hand, looked up to the rafters where the retired numbers of Brad Davis -- No. 15 -- and Rolando Blackman -- No. 22 -- hang, and in a hoarse voice, said: "Brad Davis, Ro Blackman, move over, there's new jerseys coming to town."

Dirk Nowitzki's No. 41 is obviously a given to one day hang from the AAC rafters. Very possibly joining him after this first title for the 31-year-old franchise could be Jason Kidd's No. 2 -- he wore No. 5 in the 90s when the Mavs drafted him -- and Terry's No. 31.