Tyson Chandler won't commit to stay

Tyson Chandler will leave town without committing to return to Dallas to defend the Mavericks' championship.

That's despite the best efforts of ESPN 103.3's Ben and Skin Show, which tried to get Chandler to commit to the Mavericks during the final "Drive Time with Tyson Chandler" segment of the season.

"Honestly, at this point, I’ll let my agent and the management hash everything out," Chanlder said during a rare serious moment of the segment. "I try not to get involved with it, because then it becomes personal. I honestly try to stay out of it as much as possible and then at the last minute, when I need to make decisions, I’ll come in and me and my agent will sit down.

"As for now, I’m like in vacation mode."

That pretty much echoes the comments Chandler made during Tuesday's exit interviews, although he sounded like a big man who planned to be back in Big D during Thursday's celebration, when he mocked the Miami Heat by saying the Mavs needed to win "two, three, four, five" championships.

But Chandler knows better than most that the NBA is a business. It wasn't long ago that he hoped and expected to spend the rest of his career playing with good buddy Chris Paul for the New Orleans Hornets.

He's basically been traded four times since then, two that actually went through. So, while Chandler has nothing but great things to say about the Mavericks, he isn't going to commit to anything until agent Jeff Schwartz does his job.

And Chandler isn't volunteering, at least publicly, to give the Mavs a hometown discount.

Chandler's response Tuesday when reminded that Dirk Nowitzki gave the Mavs a discount, delivered with a smile: "Dirk's got a lot more money than me."