Jason Kidd likes idea of reuniting with old pal

DALLAS -- Jason Kidd and Vince Carter played together for two full seasons and parts of two others with the New Jersey Nets. Neither probably figured they would reunite as Dallas Mavericks, but Kidd said he likes the idea of playing with his old running mate.

"You talk about a veteran who understands how to play and win," Kidd said after Saturday's practice. "Athletically, he can stretch the defense, he can pass and he's a great guy. For that he definitely fits in our mold and he can help us win."

Kidd said he had no input in the Mavs' decision to go after Carter, 34, who is expected in Dallas on Sunday. It is not certain if he will be signed and ready to suit up for either of Sunday's two practices.

When he is signed, Carter could add needed scoring punch at the wing. He can play either shooting guard or small forward, a position that can be rather interchangeable in coach Rick Carlisle's offense. The two-guard spot is crammed with Rudy Fernandez expected to join the team soon, Jason Terry, plus Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones, but both the latter two youngsters will also be used in a backup point-guard capacity.

"I wouldn't even say he's at the 2," Terry said. "In this system you're just a player. If you can dribble, you can shoot and you can drive and play 'D,' come in, we don't know what position you're going to play."

And what about defense, some might ask? Terry said not to worry about shortcomings with the 6-foot-6 Carter, mostly known for his offensive exploits, manning the wing.

"In this system anybody can play 'D,'" Terry said, then adding, "you seen me and Dirk last year."

Terry said he and the rest of the team will welcome Carter, whose scoring average has dipped each season since 2008-09 when he averaged better than 20 points a game. Still, he put up 15.1 points a game on 47-percent shooting in 22 games with Orlando and 13.5 points on 42.2-percent shooting in 41 games after being traded to Phoenix.

"I go back to our system. The environment that we created here in Dallas is that you are going to come in and be part of a nucleus that has been here for six, seven years," Terry said. "Once you come into this family environment, you fit right in."