Jason Terry gets 'Sea-Hawk' cut

DALLAS -- Jason Terry has a fresh cut for Sunday's banner-raising ceremony and season opener against the Miami Heat. Terry, though, didn't get the cut -- shaved on the sides and coming to a point in the back -- for the opener.

The Mohawk-like cut -- but don't call it a Mohawk -- is similar to how Shawn Marion sometimes cuts his hair and is actually a tribute to his hometown football team, the Seattle Seahawks.

"It’s called a Sea-Hawk," Terry said. "I don’t want anyone to understate it, it’s not a Mo; it’s a Sea, Sea-hawk. My team is making a run. They got a chance, a slim one, but it’s a tribute to them."

The Seahawks entered Saturday's game against the San Francisco 49ers with a 7-7 record and a very, very narrow shot at a wild card.