At the half: Nuggets 69, Mavs 42

DALLAS -- So much for looking more in sync. Wow, what a disaster the Dallas Mavericks have on their hands.

The Miami Heat led by 35 early in the third quarter and the Denver Nuggets could threaten that with a 27-point halftime lead. The Mavs trailed 47-41 at the 6:28 mark. That's when Denver went on a 20-0 run -- that's right 20-zip. The Mavs only broke that up thanks to an illegal defense and Dirk Nowitzki free throw.

Dallas went 13 trips without a point. Meanwhile, Denver scored on 19 of 25 second-quarter possessions, so there's that for the Mavs' defense. To end the final 6:28, it was Denver 22, Dallas 1.

The Nuggets backcourt of Ty Lawson (21 points, 8-of-9 FGs) and Andre Miller (14 points, 6-of-8 shooting) has killed the Dallas defense with drives to the bucket and splashing wide open 3-pointers. They're 5-of-6 combined from beyond the arc.

On the other side, the Mavs have 10 turnovers turned into 18 Denver points. Dallas is losing on the boards, 26-15, losing points in the paint 34-10, second-chance points 8-2 and fastbreak points 12-4.

Dirk Nowitzki has 10 points and Jason Terry and Jason Kidd each have six. Al Harrington has 14 for the Nuggets, who shot a Miami Heat-like 57.4 percent in the first half.