Dirk scolds self for losing cool, getting 'T'

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Dirk Nowitzki was so peeved by an offensive foul called on him for a pick at the 3-point arc with 1:04 to play and the Oklahoma City Thunder up by two that he gave referee Scott Wall an earful all the way down the floor.

And then Wall gave Nowitzki his first technical foul of the season. Kevin Durant hit the free throw for a 99-96 lead and Russell Westbrook made it a three-point possession with a jumper for a 101-96 lead with 46 seconds left. The Mavs rallied before ultimately losing on Durant's buzzer-beater, but Nowitzki later said he still believed it was a bad call, but he was upset with himself for losing his cool and putting a hard-fought and desperately needed win in jeopardy.

"Tough, tough play with a minute to go," Nowitzki said. "I didn't think it was an offensive foul. If you call that then you can call about 85 on [Kendrick] Perkins all game, so I just thought it was a bad, bad call at that time. But, hey, I've got to do a better job controlling my emotions. I can't get a 'T' at that point."