Call for consistency, edge from Rodrigue Beaubois

Rodrigue Beaubois played his best all-around game of the season Thursday night, scoring 17 points in 18 minutes in the big road win at Utah. He attacked the basket, made smart decisions and was disruptive on defense.

It was just the kind of play that made Mavercks fans -- and the Mavs, too -- fall in love with the youngster from Guadeloupe two seasons ago.

Beaubois has been on the fringe of the rotation all season, but with Vince Carter (sprained left ankle) out indefinitely, Beaubois will get increased opportunities. The key now, coach Rick Carlisle said Friday on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's Galloway & Company, is that it's time for Beaubois to deliver that kind of energy and effort every time he steps on the floor.

Carlisle said don't fall for the flair of a few spectacular plays, but demand consistent performances that aid the team.

"That’s part of the quandary, that’s one of the issues with Roddy is that the perception of him as an entertainer versus the reality of him as a competitor," Carlisle said. "What we need is Roddy the competitor and what you guys love is Roddy the entertainer. And look, what wins is Roddy the competitor. He’s made strides. His motor is something that, his general sort of nature is he is very nice kid, he is a laid-back kid, but you can’t be nice and laid back when you’re playing in the NBA.

"[Against Utah] he played nasty. He was into it with Earl Watson, all these guys, he was up all into their crap and he played the heck out of it. Finding that edge and being able to ignite that edge is what it’s all about. Do I believe he can do it? Absolutely. The other thing that’s helping is his teammate are reinforcing it by getting on him when he doesn’t do it and by praising him when he does. We need him to do that every game and he can do that and I believe he’s on a track to being more and more consistent."

We'll find out if Roddy can keep it going. He has a great chance tonight against the struggling New Orleans Hornets, who are still without their top player in guard Eric Gordon.