Rodrigue Beaubois is still 'Rook'

DALLAS – More than two years into his NBA career, Rodrigue Beaubois still answers to “Rook.”

Roddy B. still gets the rookie treatment from the Mavs’ veterans, especially when Dominique Jones is on assignment with the D-League’s Texas Legends, leaving Beaubois as the least experienced member of the NBA’s oldest team.

“I expect chicken on the plane right now and he’s going to carry my bags too still,” Jason Terry said before the Mavs boarded their Sunday night flight to Phoenix. “He’s got to get 82 games under his belt before he loses that title.”

Um, Jet, might wanna check the math on that. Beaubois has 103 regular-season games under his belt after starting at point guard in Sunday’s win over the Spurs.

“I’m talking about playing quality minutes for an 82-game season,” Terry replied.

He’ll get no argument from Beaubois, who accepts the gentle, extended rookie hazing as part of the deal with a group of vets who invest a lot of time and effort in attempting to aid his development.

“They’re doing some great things for me,” Beaubois said. “If I can help them, it’s no problem.”