Pregame buzz: Jason Terry on Jeremy Lin: Hype

NEW YORK -- Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said the club still loves Jeremy Lin, but that it had little interest in signing the second-year point guard after the Houston Rockets waived him in December.

The Mavs were the first team to really identify Lin as a bona fide prospect out of Harvard and they were the only team to give him an opportunity on a summer-league squad in 2010. But, the Mavs would have had to release a player in order to sign Lin a few months ago and Cuban said he was comfortable with Jason Kidd, Delonte West, Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones at the point guard position.

Of course, Lin has taken New York by storm over the past two weeks and has become a global fascination. What does Mavs guard Jason Terry think of all that?

"I think it's a lot of hype right now," said Terry, who joined the Mavs in NewYork on Saturday and will play today. "Is he going to be a good player in the future? If he continues to work he will, but again, given the opportunity he's taken advantage of it, but everybody's making a lot out of the seven games he's played. I've been in the league 13 years, so seven games doesn't necessarily make a career, but he does have great buzz. We'll see when he faces the champs tonight."

Lin has been spectacular, but he also has 45 turnovers in his seven starts, including nine in Friday's loss to New Orleans that snapped the Knicks' win streak at seven. Terry said he knows where nine turnovers would have landed him.

"I've been a point guard in this league," Terry said, "and it got me on the bench real fast."