Rodrigue Beaubois ready to get back to basketball

DALLAS -- Rodrigue Beaubois is ready to wrap his mind around basketball once again after returning from Guadeloupe where his family buried his father.

The younger brother to two sisters, one of which lives in Paris and the other on the island of Martinique, Beaubois said the family was strong and that they will persevere through the loss. Beaubois said his father's death was unexpected and that the cause remains unclear.

"It's tough, but my family got together, we stayed strong," Beaubois said. "Nobody wanted that to happen, but it happened. Now we just need to be strong together. Life keeps going on so we just need to be strong together."

He arrived back in Dallas on Sunday and will likely see his first game action since Feb. 8. He was away from the team for five games and did not play, coach's decision, in the previous three games upon Jason Kidd's return.

"I came back on Sunday and it was good to come back and get to my habits and to see the guys and everything,'' Beaubois said. "I feel really good."