Dirk Nowitzki says he won't 'bash' Lamar Odom

DALLAS -- An exasperated Dirk Nowitzki had nothing to say about Lamar Odom following the final straw that was Saturday's loss at Memphis. Rather indifferent after Tuesday's first game with Odom out of the picture, Nowitzki offered little new insight.

He did, however, glance over at Odom's empty locker with the name plate above it removed before answering questions about life after Odom and the Mavs' much-needed, 110-100 win over the Sacramento Kings.

"There's nothing to say. It's over," Nowitzki said. "I guess as an organization we had to make that move to get him here. Things didn't work out the way we wanted to, so I'm not going to sit here and bash one of my ex-teammates. It is what it is. It didn't work out the way we all hoped, him too I'm sure. Both sides moved on and we've got about eight games left now to make a playoff push here, get some confidence going and we'll go from there. But the situation is over and there's not much to comment anymore."

Nowitzki didn't have a memorable night with 15 points on 4-of-14 shooting, but the Mavs did snap a two-game skid and started off eight games in 12 nights on the right foot. Remarkably, it was also the first time in eight games without Odom that the Mavs came out a winner.

Dallas' 0-7 record with Odom on the team (but out of the lineup) will go down as one of the stranger anomalies in quite some time.

Nowitzki said he didn't really sense a different vibe among the team with Odom out of the locker room, and if there was, it didn't necessarily translate on the floor against a Kings squad that sits in 14th place in the West and came in with five road wins. The Mavs led 57-50 at halftime and it was got as close as 92-87 with 6:20 left in the game.

"It's early, it's one game. It still wasn't perfect out there, made a lot of mistakes," Nowitzki said, noting the 17 turnovers by the Mavs. "We all got to play hard, that's basically what it comes down to. If we compete out there, especially on the defensive end, rotate for each other, rebound, I like our chances most nights."

Jason Terry simply said the Odom situation wasn't working and management decided to pull the plug.

"We've got a lot of veteran guys in here, so we've dealt with worse," Terry said. "It wasn't working out and management decided to move on, as has the team. We wish him luck in his future endeavors, but as far as the Dallas Mavericks, we are a team that is vying for playoff position and we are ready to move forward."