Stock Report: Dirk Nowitzki up; Matrix dips

Our weekly look at which Mavs' stocks have risen and fallen the most:

StreakingSTOCK UP

Dirk Nowitzki Dirk just keeps shooting one-legged fadeaways over Father Time. He doesn’t want to sit out any games in the final week of the regular season and doesn’t look like he needs any extra rest. All he’s done in the last two games is put up 40 and 35 points. Nowitzki’s performance in Wednesday’s comeback win over the Rockets was especially impressive, considering that it came off the heels of playing 96 minutes in a 36-hour span. Dirk’s legs didn’t look tired as he scored 31 points in the second half, including 21 in the fourth quarter.


Shawn Marion The Matrix had been on a tear, posting four double-doubles in five games and averaging 11.2 points and 12.6 rebounds in that span. But he wouldn’t have a double-double if his production from the two games this week was combined. He had four points and two rebounds in the triple-overtime loss to the Jazz, watching the last 27 minutes from the bench. He followed that up with a four-point, six-rebound performance in the comeback win over the Rockets, when he sat out the fourth quarter again. The four days of rest before the regular-season finale could benefit Marion as much as any Maverick other than Jason Kidd.