Jason Terry drops 'CTC' rhetoric

DALLAS -- Jason Terry has talked up the "CTC" he writes on his shoes before every game.

That's now over, he said, because the only thing that matters is "DTT."

Since his request for an extension went unfulfilled in December, Terry has made it perfectly clear on a number of occasions that he's keenly aware that his eighth season with the Dallas Mavericks might be his last.

So he took to writing "CTC" on his shoes as a gentle reminder to owner Mark Cuban -- and the 29 other NBA owners -- to get ready to "Cut the Check" next season because the Jet, though he might be an older model, has no plans to fold up his wings.

"I'll play for any team in this league, period," Terry said. "That's what it is, there's no question about that."

Terry dearly wants to finish his career in a Mavs uniform. After winning the title last season, he joyously selected a spot in the American Airlines Center rafters where the franchise can eventually hang his retired No. 31 next to Dirk Nowitzki's No. 41.

So talk of "CTC," Terry said, has yielded solely to "DTT" -- as in "Defending the Title."

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