Buzz: Mavs trying to get over the hump

SACRAMENTO -- Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was searching for answers as he stood outside the visiting locker room at Sleep Train Arena.

But as he said about playing games when his team has lost five straight, 10 of 11 and 13 of its past 15, “It is work right now.”

When you have been one of the league’s best teams -- as the Mavs have been for the past decade -- it’s not so much fun as it is work.

Now, it’s a matter of just getting a victory.

Carlisle was asked if the off-court rumors of Sacramento possibly being sold to a group that would move the Kings to Seattle meant anything to his team.

“I hope it’s not business as usual,” Carlisle said, knowing recent business as usual has not been good to his club. "We have to pick it up. There’s been too much talk about positive things we’ve been doing. We’re not getting it done.”

Carlisle said he has noticed there are brief instances during a game that have spelled doom for the Mavs.

“It generally comes down to a couple of plays, a couple of stops, a couple less turnovers,” Carlisle said. “One or two more made shots. It all depends on the game. We’re going get over the hump, but it is work right now.”

When losses pile up, Carlisle said, negativity occurs throughout the game.

“They are not just at the end of the games,” he said of the poor stretches that have plagued the Mavs. “They are things that accumulate over the course of a game that add up. The last three games I’m going over the film and I’m picking up two or three things we’re not doing or doing.

“These things can add up to 15 or 20 or 25 points over the course of a game. It’s just too much to overcome in this league right now.”