Elton Brand (calf) out vs. Nuggets

DENVER – Elton Brand will be sidelined by a sore right calf for at least one game.

The calf has been bothering Brand since the first quarter of last week’s loss to the Indiana Pacers.

“It’s not progressing like we expected it to,” Brand said. “It’s not getting better. I’m in no way trying to shut it down. I’m definitely trying to get back out there as soon as we can, so we’ll see. It’s like a game-to-game situation.”

Playing in pain, Brand performed poorly the last two games, recording totals of two points and four rebounds against the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, with the Mavs being outscored by 36 points in his 29 minutes. As coach Rick Carlisle said, it has been “obvious” that Brand wasn’t himself.

“You just want to be out there for the guys,” said Brand, who is averaging 7.4 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in 21.6 minutes. “It’s definitely painful, but a lot of guys are trying to play through ailments. Dirk (Nowitzki) has, I’m sure, 50 of them. O.J. (Mayo) is playing with his shoulder.

“We’re trying to get to .500, get to the playoffs. Against Dwight Howard and guys like that, I had to go. I had to try to go.”

The decision to sit Brand against the Nuggets was made after the calf started bothering him while he was trying to sleep.