Dollars and Sense: Jose Calderon

The NBA is about competition on the floor, but it’s also about dollars and cents. Teams now must find players that can outperform deals they’re signed to and use them as assets on the floor or as assets to flip in order to acquire a game-changing piece. ESPNDallas.com will grade how the Dallas Mavericks fared in terms of contracts of their new acquisitions.

Jose Calderon: Signed to a four-year, $29 million contract. Calderon will be paid $6,791,570 in 2013-14. There are neither player or team options nor partial guarantees to his deal.

The Mavs likely outbid the market on Calderon, but they needed a pure point guard in the worst way based on how last season played out at the position.

Calderon would have been an option for the Mavs whether they won the Dwight Howard sweepstakes or not. It’s hard to imagine that it would have been a hard sell to Calderon to suggest he come to Dallas to finish his career directing traffic for Dirk Nowitzki and Howard.

The way the roster has been set up, defense is a major question mark. Calderon doesn’t exactly provide comfort in the department, either. The Mavs weren’t a juggernaut on defense last year as they were classified as below average in terms of defensive rating with a rating of 106.5.

They were considered to be average in terms of offensive rating last season with a rating of 105.9. Healthy or not, a team with Nowitzki on it shouldn’t be considered average on offense. If they’re already going to be troublesome on defense, they needed to upgrade on offense. Calderon represents one of the better options they could find in terms of getting their flow offense going again.

There is a concern based on the fact that all four years of Calderon’s deal are guaranteed. Age may be a concern as Calderon will be 35 in the final year of his deal, but he still has the ability to facilitate on offense and shoot the lights out. Based on how last season played out, the Mavs were willing to extend themselves to acquire a talented point guard.

Grade: B+