Dirk goes scoreless in All-Star shootout

Dirk Nowitzki kept saying his style wasn’t suited for the All-Star Game when he was young, so it certainly isn’t at age 35.

Just in case there was any doubt, Nowitzki finished the highest-scoring All-Star Game in history as the lone scoreless player on either team.

There were 135 field goals in the East's 165-155 win during Sunday's midseason showcase. Nowitzki had none of them.

In a contest that featured the aerial acrobatics expected in an All-Star Game, Nowitzki did manage to get a couple of jumpers up. He missed a baseline midrange shot and a corner 3-point attempt.

The only other stat Nowitzki recorded was a rebound, which might not make the highlight reels.

It’s safe to assume that Nowitzki wasn’t sweating his failure to score in his 12th All-Star appearance. He accomplished his main goal for the game, which was keeping his minutes to a minimum. His 8:26 was the lowest playing time for any All-Star this season, and he didn’t play a second in the second half.

Nowitzki scored a total of 108 points in his previous 11 All-Star appearances, including 22 in 2010, when he was the unofficial host of All-Star Weekend in Dallas. His 26,179 career points are the most by any player who was in an All-Star uniform Sunday.