Dalembert: 'Tough' sitting vs. Warriors

DALLAS -- The biggest bright spot in the first seven games of the Mavericks’ marathon homestand mostly warmed the bench in the finale.

This wasn’t a case of Samuel Dalembert earning another stint in coach Rick Carlisle’s doghouse. The small-ball Warriors simply forced the Mavs to go away from playing a traditional center.

Dalembert played only seven minutes, starting both halves. The Warriors outscored the Mavs by 15 points during that span, giving Dalembert the worst plus/minus in the game.

“We were basically matching to them,” said Carlisle, who was well-aware before the game that the matchups might dictate significantly less playing time for Dalembert. “Credit them. They made it their kind of game.”

Dalembert understands the logic of why he spent most of the overtime loss wearing warm-ups and waving a towel. That didn’t make it any easier for him to swallow.

“It was tough,” said Dalembert, who averaged 9.4 points, 9.8 rebounds, 2.6 blocks and 23.7 minutes in the previous seven games. “I’m not going to sit down and lie. It was tough, but what can I do? You can’t get mad at things you can’t control. You can only cheer for your teammates when they’re out there. The guys they put out there were doing a good job. We just have to support each other.”