Dallas Mavericks: NBDL

Dominique Jones has hot start in D-League

December, 1, 2010
DALLAS -- Dominique Jones probably didn't think the most action he'd see in a game so far would come in Frisco and not Dallas, and in the NBDL and not the NBA.

But, that's the way it is for a late first-round draft pick on a team loaded with veterans and off to a 13-4 start. After Monday's win over the Houston Rockets, Jones was sent to the D-League Texas Legends, co-owned by Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, to play in the Legends' home opener on Tuesday night. He likely remain with the Legends to close out the homestand with games on Friday and Saturday.

The 6-foot-5 shooting guard known for his strong drives to the basket delivered a 25-point performance in the Legends' 135-112 victory. Inserted into the starting lineup, Jones hit 10-of-14 shots, drained his lone 3-point attempt and made 4-of-5 from the free throw line. He had five assists, three rebounds, two steals and just one turnover in 31 minutes.

With the Mavs, Jones logged 24 minutes in the month of Novemeber. Eight of those came during garbage time in Monday's game.

"He did well," said Mavs coach Rick Carlisle, who took in the game at Dr Pepper Arena. "I liked the way he played."

When Jones returns to the Mavs, minutes will still be hard to come by. DeShawn Stevenson has grabbed the starting role ever since inserted there early in the opening weeks. Jason Terry gets starters minutes, J.J. Barea gets time there and Roddy Beaubois is slowly, but surely on the mend and is expected to eventually be the starter at shooting guard.

Donnie Nelson: Do away with in-the-cylinder

September, 30, 2010
UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas -- When the Texas Legends begin play in November in the NBA Development League, an international rule will be ushered in that Legends co-owner and Dallas Mavericks president Donnie Nelson would like to see implemented in the NBA.

"If a shot's bouncing around up there [on the rim]," Nelson said, "and you've got the ability to swat it out or slam it in, I think it’s great."

He's talking about the NBA's in-the-cylinder rule. When the ball is on the rim, players -- both offensive and defensive -- can not impede the ball's progress. They must wait until the ball clears the rim before rebounding it or swatting it away or, in the case of the offensive player, slamming it home. The rule allows the shot to come to its natural ending, either through the hoop or out of it.

It's not as though only one guy on a team is athletic enough to go up and swat the ball off the rim. Every player can do that.

Which would make doing away with the in-the-cylinder rule seem like interfering with the integrity of the game. Nelson disagrees.

"It takes away from the integrity of bad shooters," Nelson said.

But, what about the old shooter's touch? Dirk Nowitzki has mastered the art of the soft roll, when the ball bounces around the rim and then somehow goes through. In NBDL games, a defender can just slap the ball off the rim and kill the shot.

"If you’ve got the athletism to get up there and swat it out, Tyson Chandler-esque, it's a good thing," Nelson said. "We've been a proponent of this for a long time. It just makes the game better to me."

That's how FIBA plays it and Nelson has been around the international game for decades. Of course, he said he'd like to see the NBA go to the international game's trapezoid lane, too. That won't happen. FIBA is doing away with the trapezoid and going with an NBA-style lane.

Would the NBA consider going the way of FIBA and the NBDL in regards to the cylinder rule? Nelson said he doesn't know and he isn't sure how many league executives would want to swat down his idea.

Tickets for Frisco D-League team flying

June, 8, 2010
Minor-league basketball can be a tough sell, just ask the defunct Fort Worth Flyers, one of the NBA's D-League franchises that didn't, well, fly.

But, out in Frisco, it's a totally different story for the new Texas Legends, a franchise that is selling tickets remarkably fast thanks in large part to the star power attached to this D-League operation. Five months before their first game in team history, the Texas Legends have already sold 13,000 tickets.

Owned by Dallas Mavericks president of basketball operations and Evan Wyly, and with Spud Webb in place as president of basketball operations and Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman installed as the head coach, interest is high and the Legends are focused on selling 15,000 tickets.

The Legends will give whoever buys the 15,000th ticket a prize consisting of autograph items from Nelson and Wyly, Lieberman and Webb, as well as Legends apparel, and gift cards to local businesses.

"We have had an absolute blast and the response from our fans has been legendary," Nelson said in a release. "Sales are rocking and so will the house."

The Legends inaugural season will tip-off this November.

Some sections are already sold out for every game of the 2010-2011 season.

The Legends only revealed their Lone Star State-inspired logo on May 22 and their team name on April 12.



Dirk Nowitzki
21.7 2.7 0.9 32.9
ReboundsS. Marion 6.5
AssistsM. Ellis 5.7
StealsM. Ellis 1.7
BlocksB. Wright 0.9